Taking it to the next level

What's next for your business?  In a rapidly changing market, there are always new opportunities and challenges. Working with me can give you a fresh perspective on where you can go. Together we’ll:

  • Revisit your long term goals and objectives. 
  • Explore what’s worked and what hasn’t. 
  • Identify new opportunities in your marketplace. 
  • Create a strategic plan to effectively reach your target market.
  • Develop action steps you can start using right away. 

Let's Talk!

Wherever you want to take your business, I can help get you there. In a short, get acquainted phone call, we can determine if I am the right person to work with you as you take your business forward.   Please call me at 760.390.7099 or email me using the contact form. 

"I most appreciate your very sensible and sage advice. You are a true counselor at heart and helped me see my issues in another way. I have been stuck on this for months, but now I know what I will do. Thank you—thank you—thank you!"

Jill Thomas

Healthy Habits Hypnosis


Coaching for Success


Strategy Sessions

This could be the best investment you make in yourself all year! We’ll do a deep dive into where you are now and where you want go professionally and personally. You’ll leave this session with new perspectives and a clear understanding of where you need to focus your efforts. We’ll also identify actionable steps you can use right away to jumpstart your business. 

Coaching Packages

 Most truly successful people work with a coach. Partnering with a professional can keep you focused and on track as well as help you overcome challenges. Regular sessions help you achieve balance and enjoy the journey as you work toward your goals. 

Single Sessions and Packages Available

Special Rate for Leads Club Members

 Click here to book your appointment.  Once you have scheduled your time, please use this link to pay for your session.  

Contact Me

Drop me a line or call me at 760.390.7099.

Lisa Bentson

P.O. Box 278, Cardiff, CA 92007

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